North Pacific Wildlife Consulting, a Limited Liability Company (NPWC, LLC), is registered in the State of Alaska. The company is dedicated to high quality scientific investigations of marine mammals, marine birds, and marine fishes that inhabit the waters and coastal areas of the North Pacific Ocean. NPWC conducts their own research, but also facilitates government agencies and the private sector wishing to conduct their field research in Russia, Japan, and the Unites States. The service we provide allows our clients to complete their research goals in international, Russian, Japanese, and U.S. waters.


NPWC, LLC, and our clients conduct field research throughout the North Pacific Ocean rim, including the Bering, Okhotsk, and Chukchi seas. Various types of research has been completed on all the western-most Aleutian Islands, the Commander Islands, virtually all the Kuril Islands, and most islands and outcrops in the western Bering Sea, Okhotsk Sea and northern Sea of Japan.  Our team is proficient in getting our clients to and from the locations they need to work and making sure that they meet with success.

NPWC, LLC, also coordinates, hosts, and manages meetings and workshops in Russia and the United States. When required, NPWC provides translation services and preparation of transcripts and workshop reports.