North Pacific Wildlife Consulting, LLC, provides assistance to the Russian and United States governments and their affiliates in addressing important questions pertaining to marine mammals, sea birds, and commercial fisheries under their jurisdiction. NPWC was formed to provide an entity to pass funds to Russian scientists for research on marine mammals, marine birds, and marine commercial fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean and adjoining seas. We accept grants and contracts to facilitate research by other parties by procuring vessels, personnel, and other logistical needs that allow those entities to achieve their research goals.

Below is a list of some of the studies in which we are involved. Please click on the title for a complete explanation of each of the studies.


Research in Which NPWC is Involved

Examples of research that we conduct that are funded internally include:

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+ Steller sea lion studies in Russia and the United States

NPWC helps coordinate and facilitate numerous studies with Russian, U.S., and Japanese scientists to investigate a variety of topics regarding Steller sea lions important to the respective governments. The summaries below are a brief introduction to those studies.

+ Steller sea lion population studies in the Russian Far East

+ Automated time-lapse cameras to monitor Steller sea lion rookeries in Russia and Alaska

+ Steller sea lion rookeries on Sakhalin Island, Okhotsk Sea, Russia

+ Interactions between Steller sea lions and Pacific cod longline fisheries

+ Experiment on the diet of captive Steller sea lions

+ Killer whale photo-identification

+ Gray whale population structure

+ Bottom trawl fisheries in the western Bering Sea and their impact on marine mammals

Research That We Facilitate

Examples of research that NPWC facilitates that are contracted by government agencies include:

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+ Walrus studies in the Bering and Chukchi seas

+ Bering Sea ice seal aerial survey (BOSS)

+ Chukchi Sea and East-Siberian Sea seal survey (ChESS)

+ Beluga whale biopsy samples and attachment of satellite transmitter

Moving Science Forward

Dr. Burkanov and Mr. Calkins have been involved in US/Soviet and now US/Russian activities since the 1980s. Because of their close association with US and Russian scientists and involvement in various working groups and science academies, they are able to provide needed services to both US and Russian entities to share information and to move science forward in both countries.

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+ Translation of Russian book on salmon gillnet bycatch

+ Translation of Russian monograph on Russian whaling activities

+ Convene, organize, and facilitate workshops and science meeting